Adulticiding: Targeting the Adult Mosquitoes

Specific Targeting of Actively Flying Adult Mosquitoes with fine aerosol sprays

When other methods (source reduction and larviciding) fail to produce the needed mosquito population reduction, then Manatee County Mosquito Control District will revert to using both truck and helicopter mounted equipment to spray for adult mosquitoes. “Fog trucks” (so called because they used to produce a dense fog) are a common sight throughout the summer and fall months. They provide localized relief at the neighborhood level for small scale problems. When there is a widespread problem, or large inaccessible areas without a good road network, then we will use our helicopters to treat for adult mosquitoes.

While a truck can treat 1-2 square miles of urban area in an evening’s mission, a helicopter can treat up to 50 square miles per night. Adulticide sprays are only effective when the adult mosquito is actively flying, hence the need to spray in the late evening and nighttime hours. Extremely low quantities of insecticide are used, less than 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) per acre (half a football field) and the aerosol spray droplets (10-30 microns in diameter) are only effective when encountering a mosquito in the air. Once the droplets settle to the ground the ingredients break down rapidly and are in too low of a concentration to have an impact on other organisms. Adulticide sprays do NOT provide residual effects.

Temporary Relief: Factors Influencing the Efficacy of Adulticiding

The length of relief from adulticiding applications is only temporary and depends upon many factors. Adulticiding only kills mosquitoes that are active at the time of spray. Reinfestation, poor weather conditions during spray, and newly hatched mosquito populations are just some of the reasons why only a few days relief may be seen after a spray mission.

We strive to provide the best mosquito control service possible to the residents of our county, but cannot control all the confounding factors impacting our operations.


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